• Why Is No Sound On Computer Windows 10?

    There are various reasons behind why there’s no sound on your Windows 10 computer system like the below-mentioned list: Reason 1: Unusual or Wrong Change in your Operating System’s Settings Reason 2: Your Operating system has outdated, corrupted or missing audio drivers Reason 3: Your Operating system’s Audio Jack has been lost or might be broken Reason 4: Windows operating system not updated with the latest update So, to deal with these possible reasons behind the issue of “Speakers not working…

  • How to Fix Sound on Windows 10?

    We know how irritating it is when your sound is not working. Therefore, to fix sound issues on Windows 10, here are quick and easy solutions. Try any from them to fix the sound on Windows 10. Step 1: Check your sound settings and along with that also check Speaker connections, Headphone connections, and any other audio connections. Step 2: Uninstall and reinstall your audio driver. Step 3: Update your audio driver. Step 4: Update IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Step 5: Fix Realtek Audio by ref…

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